Microtech’s Push Button Knives Attract an Extremely Diverse Audience

While the year 1994 might not sound like it belongs to some remote part of the past, that was indeed the first year that people were able to purchase Microtech automatic knives. Since that time, they’ve established themselves as a leader in the industry by investing in powerful beefy springs for all of their push button knives. That’s helped to attract a diverse audience that incorporates everyone from active BMX bikers to electrical technicians that need something to use on the job site.

High-grade bushings are always used in Microtech automatic knives, which is another reason their blades tend to stick out from the rest of the competition. Cheaper imported push button knives tend to have rather weak bushings that could give out over time. Many of these will eventually reach a point where the blade is stuck somewhere between fully opened and completely closed, rendering it unsafe to use.

Though everything does have it’s eventual limit, Microtech blades will normally stand up to a greater deal of usage than most of the competition as a result of this characteristic. All of the attention paid to detail has also made it possible for them to bring a greater variety of blades to the market. This, in turn, has helped to grow the audience beyond the core demographic of those who take some interest in blade collecting. Specialists who really want to use these for work shouldn’t find any difficulty in doing so.

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