Florida Knife Collectors & Specialists Dish on Kershaw Knives

You don’t often see craftspeople and blade collectors agree on a lot of things. However, these two very different groups have rallied around the Kershaw knife brand in Florida. Kershaw’s knives have this neat almost ceramic-looking techwear-inspired aesthetic to them that’s made them extremely collectible. A number of people have actually started Kershaw collections where they’ll add in a new blade each time the brand comes out with another one.

Growing such a collection is relatively easy because the brand comes out with new releases fairly regularly, but they’ve also never stopped making some of the blades that made them famous. Newer collectors who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get the kind of knives they wanted can purchase almost any mainstream Kershaw knives they’d like to without much difficulty.

Hobbyists and those who engage in rigorous sporting activity love the Kershaw brand because it features a high degree of durability that you won’t often find in other knives. Best of all, their blades are made in the United States, so they support domestic jobs. That’s helped to popularize them with companies that always do their best to buy domestically-produced tools. Since they’re relatively easy to sharpen, most people can maintain them on their own. Florida residents need blades that aren’t going to rust when they’re exposed to humidity, so Kershaw has also been praised for their resilience against oxidization as well.

These knives have thus drawn together different groups who might never have agreed on nearly anything else. To learn more about the Kershaw knife brand, visit vipertecknives.com online.

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