Advertising Tips: How to Make the Most Out of a Billboard in Norman

Billboard advertising companies in Norman, OK can help a business reach a mass audience, but there are several tricks to make the most out of this space.


You want to be creative when developing billboard advertisements in Norman, OK, but the finished product should be simple. Passerbys may only have a few seconds to look at the sign, so it needs to relay the message quickly. An appropriate image and just a few words will be all you need.


When it comes to the artwork, billboard advertising companies in Norman, OK
might suggest you make sure there is plenty of contrast between the image or photograph and the letters. The contrast will make the board easier to read, and it will stand out from the sky and surroundings.


The phrases should be short, and the lettering needs to be bold. Basic print is the easiest to read, and some billboard advertising companies in Norman, OK have the tools and techniques to make the fonts ultra big and clear. Fonts to avoid are swirly cursives and all capitals. It might seem like putting up large letters and numbers is the best approach, but viewers can read the sentence quicker and easier if there is a mix of upper and lowercase lettering.


Before starting the design, think about the goal of the billboard. You might use it to create brand recognition, or if you are an established business, the board might showcase one of your new products or team members. For more information on how billboard advertisements in Norman, OK can assist your operation, contact Blue Sky Banners today.

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