Benefits of an Oxygen Facial in Baymeadows, Jacksonville, FL

Have you grown older and missed that soft baby skin you once had? Does your face now appear to be somewhat dull due to the combination of pollution and other factors that affect facial appearance? If so, consider the benefits of getting an Oxygen Facial in Baymeadows, Jacksonville, FL. Residents can benefit significantly from allowing one of these facials to rejuvenate their appearance.


One of the benefits provided by Oxygen Facials is an infusion of moisturization that takes place in the skin. Replace that dry skin with the moisturizing benefits you can obtain through one of these facials. Restore your skin to its normal pH level as well.

Reverse Acne

Reduce the size of your pores through one of these facials and obtained a deep cleansing that your skin needs. Remove the trapped dust, dirt, and oil that has infiltrated through your pores and replace it with radiant skin that has been deeply cleansed.

Regain Youthful Skin Appearance

The Oxygen Therapy provided through an Oxygen Facial fights against the free radicals in your skin that cause aging. Collagen is triggered that tightens the skin. As a result, file lines are reduced and wrinkles are diminished as the skin takes on a more youthful appearance

Skin Detoxification

The toxins that have invaded your skin can be removed through the process of detoxification offered by Oxygen Facials. The result is a more youthful fresh-looking appearance for your skin.

Improved Skin Tone

Oxygen Facials help you obtain the best detoxification, moisturization, and skin repair through the infiltration of fresh oxygen upon the epidermis of the skin, allowing the skin cells to regenerate and other dead skin to be removed from its surface. The result is a more evenly toned skin that does not possess the old characteristics of drying, cracking, and peeling

Although you should check with your skin care specialist, oxygen facials are known for providing great benefits to a wide range of skin types. If you are interested in trying out this treatment and getting some fantastic results for your skin, it may be time to contact Sushila Beauty Care.

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