What to Know About Breast Implant Replacement in Newnan, GA

There are times when someone has breast augmentation surgery, and they are not satisfied with the results. This happens for different reasons, including cosmetic changes after the operation or a change in aesthetic preferences. Fortunately, you can get a breast implant replacement in Newnan, GA, if you need breast revision surgery.

Why Get Breast Implant Replacement?

Anyone who has had breast implants and is unhappy with the results can get breast implant replacement in Newnan, GA. It is important to be fully healed from your original surgery before you come in for revision surgery. It is best to wait until around six months after your operation so that the breast tissue and implants can settle into place. There are exceptions, such as a capsular contracture or an implant rupture, which require immediate removal and implant replacement.

What to Expect

When you decide to get breast implant replacement in Newnan, GA, you can start by meeting with a board-certified plastic surgeon for a complimentary surgery consultation. They will meet with you and evaluate your situation. Your implant replacement can improve the size and shape of your breasts, or you may want to change them from under the muscle to over the muscle. The surgeon can also adjust your breast pocket, which holds the implant in the correct position.

If you have the surgery, the surgeon will probably use the same incisions that were used in your primary surgery, which prevents additional scarring. Then, they will remove your breast implants and replace them with those you choose.

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