Spray Liners as Vehicle Undercoating?

Spray liners are known for their immense benefits in protecting truck beds. However, if you are explorative, you will realize that there are many things you can do with a spray liner to protect your car. This product is designed to conform to metal or concrete surfaces, making it versatile. One of the car parts that is subjected to damage is the chassis. If you have been considering using spray liner in Long Branch as an undercoating for the chassis, here is why you should try it.

Why a Spray Bed Liner Is Great for Undercoating

There are numerous advantages to installing a bed line as an undercoating for your chassis. Some benefits to consider include:

  • Protects the undercarriage from dust and moisture
  • The vehicle is protected against salt and snow that may destroy underneath the vehicle.
  • Prevents the sticking of dirt and contaminants on the bed liner
  • Makes your vehicle look great
  • Makes chassis easier to clean

How to Use a Spray Liner as Undercoating

Spray liners Long Branch has a rough rubber texture that guarantees maximum protection from debris. It offers maximum protection, and you can use a spray, brush, or roller to do the job.


Preparation is crucial since working on a cleaner surface ensures your coating lasts longer. The spray liner adheres well to clean metal, so try to clean all the old undercoating from the chassis or bed.

Before applying the liner, use a heavy-duty cleaner and rags, then a second time with mineral spirits and a rag. This removes any grease residue to prepare your area, and only apply spray liner on the necessary parts.


Before the first application:

  1. Use 40-grit sandpaper to rough the surface.
  2. Wipe all the residue and apply a self-etching primer for metal on the chassis.
  3. Once this primer fully dries out, spray the bed line and add a second coat once the first coat is dry.
  4. Cover everything to dry before you drive the vehicle.

Apart from lining your truck bed, you can use spray liners as undercoating. The possibilities are endless, and you can give your car an everlasting look. This product protects your vehicle for many years, so do not settle for less. John Guire Supply is the leading provider of spray liner in Long Branch. Call (732) 222-0613 today for more info.

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