Reasons To Hire A Chalfont Electrical Company For Portable Generator Hook Up

Power outages cause many inconveniences and sometimes loss of business. A portable generator gives the advantage of carrying it anywhere. An electrical company knows how to hook up a portable generator to a house. Generator hookup by professional electricians brings the advantages below.


A portable generator is powerful, and improper connection can cause serious problems such as shorting out and fire. An electrician saves you from fire hazards and costly repair by observing all the little details that a non-electrician will miss, yet they increase the risk of accidents. A local professional electrician applies all the necessary details for the generator system to function without faults that might lead to a short.

Electricians hooking up a portable generator also ensure that the natural gas generator installation is safe. Professional knows how to connect the system correctly without gas leakage. It is unsafe and illegal in some cases for a non-licensed professional to handle appliances connecting to gas.

Connect Back Up Sump Pump

A local electrical company knows how to hook up a portable generator to a house for emergency power and protect it from flooding. They install a generator transfer switch that operates a sump pump when your generator is running. An emergency sump pump is an excellent defense against water damage if it rains heavily.

Advice on Appropriate Generator Size

A generator should match wiring and appliances. A generator supplies inadequate power if it is too small. A generator causes significant damage to wiring and appliances if too large. Electricians help you pick a generator that handles the loads you will run through a portable generator.

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