Quality Roof Repair in Newnan, GA

When was the last time you inspected your roof? It is a huge responsibility to own a home. Many homeowners forget to check their roofs for damages after major storms. You may check in the attic to look for leaks, but it is a dangerous process to inspect a roof. Companies that offer roof repair in Newnan, GA, also offer other services such as free roof inspections. They will carefully inspect the integrity of your roof and show you pictures of any potential areas of concern. These areas of concern cannot always be seen from inside the attic. The only way to know you need roof repair services is to call a professional for an inspection.


Are you noticing shingles falling off your roof? Are water stains developing on your ceiling? In some cases, it is obvious that you need Roof Repair In Newnan, GA. In the cases where it is not so obvious, a roof inspection is a great alternative. The roofer will inspect your shingles for hail and wind damage. They will perform a brittle test, check pipe boots, and document areas of concern. They will also ensure your ventilation system is adequate and up to code.

Full Replacement

In some cases, the roofer may suggest a full roof replacement. On the ground, it is hard to see what the roofer sees. The roofer will explain why a roof replacement is a better option for you. For example, they may tell you that repairing one or two shingles will cause damage to the surrounding shingles due to the age of your roof. The roofer may also explain the hail damage, which you cannot easily see from the ground, has punctured through the shingles and underlayment. In cases where damage was caused due to a storm, a roofer can help you get approved through your homeowner’s insurance company.

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