Finding the Perfect Christmas Ham this Festive Season

Almost everyone loves Christmas ham; therefore, this festive season, you want to ensure you prepare the most delectable, flavourful ham you can find. If you’re stressing about how to glaze your ham, what size to buy, how to serve it, and who will carve it, we have some tips for you.

Understanding the basics is crucial when it comes to choosing a Christmas ham. Ham is meat from a pig’s rear leg. You either dry, salt, or smoke it. It’s also vital to choose the correct size of ham – you only want to buy as much ham as you need. Generally, ¾ to 1 pound of meat per person will suffice.

At, we have bone-in and boneless ham. As long as you have someone to carve the ham, bone-in is a tastier and more flavourful option. As an added bonus, you can also make it look visually appealing. However, boneless ham is still a great option, especially if you’re not a fan of cutting meat.

To make sure you get the perfect Christmas ham, we have a few more tips for you:

  • Only buy your ham a few days before you’re going to cook it so it’s still fresh.
  • The easier the ham is to poke, the fresher it is.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra on high-quality ham that will give you the succulent taste and juices you’re looking for.
  • Read the ingredients list thoroughly to ensure you’re getting premium meat with no harmful additives or preservatives.
  • Wrap up any leftover ham properly so you can use it in dishes in the days after Christmas.

With a delectable Christmas ham, you can make this festive season even more memorable. Choosing high-quality ham from and pairing it with yummy sides will be one of everyone’s favourite moments of the holiday.

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