Clean and Low-Maintenance Roof Protection with Aluminum Soffit Panels

Soffit and fascia panels are a great solution to the continuous upkeep and repair required to maintain roof overhangs and eaves. In addition to providing a clean appearance, soffit panels also offer an opportunity to improve roof ventilation and clear out moisture buildup.

What Are Soffit Panels?
Aluminum soffit panels in Phoenix, AZ, are designed to bridge the underside of a roof between the wall and the edge of an overhang. Aluminum construction offers a clean and low-maintenance protective barrier against weather and animals. And it will last for years without chipping, peeling, cracking, fading or painting.

Additional Benefits
Aluminum soffit panels in Phoenix, AZ, also provide a place for ventilation. Soffit vents draw air in through the attic and out the roof’s ridge vent. Adequate ventilation keeps homes cool during Arizona summers and helps prevent attic condensation, deteriorated insulation and structural mold and rot.

Sleek and Clean Siding
Not only does the combination of aluminum soffit panels and fascia improve the appearance and utility of eaves and overhangs, but solid soffit panels in a range of colors also make impressive vertical siding on gables, dormers, entrances and walls.

Customized Siding
A leading manufacturer and distributor of superior residential and commercial building products at a reasonable price has served Phoenix and Arizona communities since 1968. For a clean and maintenance-free way to protect eaves, rafters and attics from weather and moisture, contact United Aluminum at 602-263-0834 or via today.

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