Choose an Experienced Company When Buying Local Seafood in Charleston, SC

Visiting a shop specializing in providing local seafood in Charleston, SC, is an excellent way to discover and purchase fresh shrimp, shellfish, clams and lobsters. Obtaining fresh jumbo shrimp or claw crabmeat from a business that’s been selling these delicious items for over 75 years helps ensure you receive the best catch possible. Using the items you purchase in your favorite recipe or by themselves is an excellent way to fulfill your hunger pains and those of your family or friends.

Wide Variety of Fresh Fish

One of the elements you’ll notice right away when you utilize a reliable and experienced company selling local seafood in Charleston, SC, is the wide variety of fresh fish they have for sale. Picking up red snapper, tuna, salmon or flounder that’s recently been caught allows you to enjoy the best tastes possible from a wide selection.

Are You Throwing a Party?

Utilizing the assistance of a company with experience throwing parties is one of the best ways to ensure it’s enjoyed by everyone there. Having them supply the food via their catering service allows you to treat your guests to a delicious shrimp boil and oyster roast. Hiring them to handle the catering for your party should help ensure everyone gets fed satisfactorily and savers the fresh ingredients offered.

Excellent Customer Service

Purchasing clams, lobster and fish from a company that has a deep history allows them to provide you with the same type of excellent customer service they’ve been offering for four generations. If you’d like to learn more about the items they offer, visit Mt. Pleasant Seafood at

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