Breaking Down the Most Commonly Used CNC Machines for Projects

All equipment for CNC precision machining in Ohio serves a purpose. If you don’t know which machine is right for you, use this guide and learn the ropes.


A lathe machine slices parts in a circular manner with precision at a very high velocity. If your prototype has a complex design, it will require a lathe machine because a traditional CNC machine with manual settings can’t produce complicated cuts.

CNC Mills

CNC mills have buttons and software. To use these machines, you must understand how to interpret a series for letter and number prompts. Typically, G-code powers most milling machines; it’s a common programming language. However, if a company is competitive, the manufacturing team may develop an advanced programming language for certain machinery.

Electric Discharge Machines

EDMs generate electrical sparks that can mold parts into specific shapes. When these machines operate, electricity moves between a pair of electrodes.

Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutters can cut electrically conductive materials. A plasma blast in its natural state can’t slice through metal. This is why all CNC plasma cutting machines are strategically optimized. They create hotter plasma lasers by combining electrical arcs with compressed air.

Water Jet Cutter

A water jet cutter is designed for the toughest jobs. It can tear through very dense materials like granite.

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