3 Reasons to Try One of the Non Denominational Churches in Jacksonville, FL

For some time, you’ve felt something encouraging you to find a place to worship. There are plenty of churches around the city, but you’re not sure where to begin looking. Why not visit some of the non denominational churches in Jacksonville, FL and see how it goes? Here are a few reasons to give this type of church a try.

One has to do with experiences in denominations that have highly structured organizations. At times, it seems as if the local congregation could do little without the consent of the denominational leaders. That never seemed right to you, and it would be nice to avoid getting into that same type of setting again. Since non denominational churches operate with a congregational form of government, it might be ideal for you.

Another reason is that a non denominational church has the freedom to respond to God’s call as the congregation understands it. There are no rules and regulations to follow, other than what the congregation has included in its bylaws and any statements of faith. That leaves a lot of room to explore what God is calling the local church to be and do.

Last, you’re likely to find a number of people who share some of your convictions and may have convictions that are a little different. This makes it possible to be exposed to different points of view and enjoy honest and respectful dialogue with one another. That’s refreshing if you were ever part of a church where having differing opinions or asking sincere questions was frowned upon.

As you visit different non denominational churches in Jacksonville, FL, pay close attention to how things are done, the way people interact, and the types of ministries offered. There’s a good chance that it won’t be long before you have a new church home.

For more information, please contact Southpoint Community Church today.

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