3 Absolute Must-Haves for Your Custom German Kitchen in the U.K.

In recent years, German kitchens have risen in popularity due to their looks and functionality. The key principle in any German kitchen is a modular design, which promotes the efficient use of space while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic. If a German kitchen is on your wish list this year, here are three absolute must-haves you should include in your design plans.

Must-Haves of a Custom German Kitchen

1. More Storage

German kitchen cabinets are the focal point of this type of kitchen. Most German kitchen cabinets will be constructed from thinner wood panels to maximize storage space. Often, the cabinets will be painted in a monochrome palette with minimal accents or details, contributing to a fashionably minimalist look.

2. The Right Lighting

When it comes to bespoke painted kitchens, your lighting should be as natural as possible. Consider installing a window or skylight or enlarging an existing window to let in more light. If adding a window isn’t an option for you, you can give you kitchen’s illumination a boost by installing a chandelier or some under-cabinet lights.

3.  Natural Colors and Textures

The German aesthetic has a preference for colors and textures inspired by nature. Stone, wood, and slate are some popular materials that are often found in bespoke painted kitchens of this style. In addition, forego the bright, rainbow shades and stick to a palette of deep forest green, sandy beige, or charcoal gray.

Build the Kitchen of Your Dreams

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, you should make sure that your kitchen exudes a sense of warmth and hospitality. For expert help on designing the perfect German kitchen, contact Sheraton Interiors.

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