How You Can Get Phone Service For Free Or At An Affordable Price

Phone prices and monthly plans are more expensive. Demand for cell phone service has peaked in recent years. Most people are satisfied with their service and have no desire to change or add anything, so providers have had to increase monthly fees just to keep up with current demands.

More cell phones have added features to them. You can access a camera, turn on a flashlight, and book appointments on your phone’s Google calendar. These added features are exactly what comes with your monthly service and your phone. The question is, where does this leave families and individuals in need?

Free Cell Phone Service in Oklahoma

Free cell phone service in Oklahoma is now a lot simpler. SafetyNet Wireless has plans that allow you to talk, text, and go online without the hassle of a contract. They can work with the Lifeline program to get you an affordable plan.

How Lifeline Works

When the Affordable Connectivity Program began in 1985, you could apply for a discount for your landline. All you had to do was meet the federal poverty guidelines to be approved.

Now, with cell phone service, the program can cover a lot more. You can get assistance for talk, text, and high-speed internet. The program can cover up to 15 GB of high-speed internet access. Once you’ve used your data, your phone will be reset to 256 KBPS for the rest of the month.

Signing Up

SafetyNet Wireless works with federal and local governments to get you the affordable cell phone service you need. You can sign up, top off your service, and browse our plans. Visit us online to learn more.

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