How to Clean Window Tint Film on Cars to Extend Its Life

Once you get a vehicle window tinting in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll want to clean it properly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. First, wait three days to one week after it’s applied before using a cleaner.

If you’re washing your car, clean its body and tires first and save the windows for last. Try to do your cleaning in a shaded area so you will have time to rinse before the cleaner dries. Select a cleaner that is free of ammonia.

Although a glass cleaner will do, most of the blue-colored ones contain ammonia, which will loosen the tint film’s adhesive. Try a cleaner that is citrus-based or specially made for window film. In a pinch, make your own by adding two teaspoons of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of baby shampoo to a spray bottle. Then top off with the ingredients distilled water.

Don’t use paper towels, bath towels, dish towels or Scouring pads. Instead, use a soft microfiber cloth. Spray the cloth with the cleaner and then wipe the film clean. Rinse the cleaning cloth as needed.

Use a clean, dry cloth for drying. Use different cloths to clean the outside and inside of your windows in order to avoid outside dirt from possibly scratching your inside window film. Clean your window tinting every two weeks or whenever you wash your car.

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